Photo ©Ginza Sony Park

《BULLETIN CUBES》は、いわばGinza Sony Parkの伝言板のような存在です。ある人が、ある思いを持って、ある物や事を伝えます。新しい出会いをお楽しみください。

Message cubes installed at Ginza Sony Park
– Items and discoveries that artists and creators want to share particularly now –
Shunichi Kasahara (Researcher) introduces

This is an online video conferencing application that allows your image to be easily superimposed onto other video images. The beta version was released in July 2020 when working remotely became the new standard. Using this application will make you feel like you’ve acquired a new body. It made me realize that online communication should not just be a copy of the physical world, but allow greater freedom in physical expression. Right now, there are many things we cannot do, or must forego, but perhaps it is “because of this” and not “instead of this” that we are faced with the opportunity to give birth to new possibilities.


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