The abstract published in Journal of Vision

Our abstract, which was prepared with Dr. Daisuke Tajima (Sony), Dr Jun Nishida (UChicago) and Prof. Pedro Lopes (UChicago) has been published in Journal of Vision. Successful Outcomes in a Stroop Test Modulate the Sense of Agency When the Human Response and the Preemptive Response Actuated by Electrical Muscle Stimulation are Aligned Daisuke Tajima; Jun Nishida; Pedro Lopes; Shunichi Kasahara The sense of agency (SoA)…

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THE TIGHT GAME was accepted to Siggraph 2020 Emerging Technologies

The Tight Game: Implicit Force Intervention in Inter-personal Physical Interactions on Playing Tug of War This work will be presented at SIGGRAPH 2020 Emerging Technologies ContributorsAzumi MaekawaUniversity of TokyoShunichi KasaharaUniversity of Tokyo, Sony Computer Science LabratoriesHiroto SaitoUniversity of TokyoDaisuke UriuUniversity of TokyoResearch Center for Advanced Science and TechnologyGowrishankar GaneshCentre National de la Recherche ScientifiqueMasahiko…

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TouchDesigner online interactive workshop about Fragment Shadow

I (Shunichi Kasahara) and Satoru Higa have been working on Fragment Shadow ( Interactive installation of Optical Shadow with Multiple Projectors). In the exhibition in Ginza Sony Park, we created the installation of Fragment Shadow with 16 projectors and 13 meters white wall. At the end of the exhibition of Fragment Shadow in Ginza Sony Park, we held the online — but interactive —…

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