Exhibition : Fragment Shadow in QUEEN IN THE PARK Exhibition at Ginza Sony Park

At the “QUEEN IN THE PARK” exhibition in Ginza Sony Park, Fragment Shadow was implemented in the interactive installation : ANOTHER ONE. BITES THE DUST. Ginza Sony Park内展示「QUEEN IN THE PARK」にて、Fragment Shadowを利用したコンテンツ ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST が展示されました。 Info #013 QUEEN IN THE PARK: Experience Music with QueenJanuary 22 (Wed) – March 15 (Sun), 2020Ginza…

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Keynote | This is Québec Tokyo 2019

I gave a keynote presentation at an International Conference This is Québec Tokyo 2019. 「This is Québec〜これぞケベック〜」東京(2019) 【KEYNOTE】SUPERCEPTION : PLAY WITH YOUR PERCEPTION 登壇日時 : 11:40 ~ 12:00 会場   :渋谷ヒカリエ [HALL A] 主催   :カナダ ケベック州政府 プログラム:PROGRAM_ENJP.pdf Keynote, This is Québec Tokyo 2019, 2019.12.13, 渋谷ヒカリエ, Japan

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Keynote and Talk Session | Human and Building Augmentation, AIJISA 2019 Tokyo

I gave a keynote presentation at AIJISA (日本建築学会情報シンポ) 2019 Tokyo. Keynote and Talk Session, 人間と建築の拡張 | Human and Building Augmentation, 日本建築学会情報シンポ AIJISA 2019 Tokyo, 2019.12.13, 建築会館, Japan. 【基調講演】人間と建築の拡張 | Human and Building AugmentationSuperception(超知覚)が目指すPerceptual Engineering | Superception for Perceptual Engineering

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