Superception – 超知覚-

A research framework that makes it possible to expand, transform and engineering human perception and cognition by intervening in human sensory input and output using computer technology.

Perception refers to recognizing meaning and organizing it into information via the inputs of sensory organs such as eyes, ears and somatosensory organs, as a basis for actions and constructing the self. I call my research “Superception” to represent a research framework that uses computer technology to intervene in the human sensory process, or interconnect human senses, in order to create an engineered augmentation and/or transformation of human perception and cognition. I believe that “Superception” will make it possible to augment perceptual capabilities, engage in collaborative perception with others, consciously control one’s own unconscious perceptions, and more. In our world of accelerating technological progress, I envision that “Superception” may lead to abilities for conscious control of perceptions and empower us to co-evolve with technology in the areas of perception, consciousness, and knowledge in an unprecedented and exciting way



Superception / Shared Experience / Perception / Embodiment / Communication / Augmentation




博士(学際情報学)株式会社ソニーコンピュータサイエンス研究所 リサーチャー。2017年東京大学大学院情報学環博士課程修了。2008年ソニー(株)入社後、MIT media lab 客員研究員等を経て、2014年よりソニーCSLにリサーチャーとして参画。 “Superception”という研究コンセプトでコンピュータによる知覚の制御や拡張に興味をもつ。これまでの研究成果はコンピュータグラフィクスやHuman-Computer Interactionの主要国際会議やテックカンファレンスでの発表に加え、体験作品の展示・テクノロジーの社会実装を行う。

Researcher, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. Project Assistant Professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo. Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Information Studies from the University of Tokyo in 2017. Joined Sony Corporation in 2008. Affiliate researcher at MIT media lab in 2012. Joined Sony CSL in 2014. Leading “Superception” research: computational control and extension of human perception. The result of his research has been presented at the major international conferences in the fields of computer graphics, human-computer interaction, and media technology festivals. He also conducts interactive exhibitions and social implementation.

I am working as an associate researcher at SonyCSL

I am also working as a project assistant professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo.