Fragment Shadow

Generating Optical Fragmented Shadows with Multi-Projectors Geometry and Color Calibration. Your Real Shadow is Transformed The shadow is the most primitive graphic that projects ourselves, and the transformation of own real shadow would induce the changes of our own body sensation. In the calibrated multiple-projection field, your real optical shadow will be fragmented, textured, and immersed inContinue reading “Fragment Shadow”

Preemptive Action

Preemptive Action: Accelerating Human Reaction using Electrical Muscle Stimulation Shunichi Kasahara / (SonyCSL)Jun Nishida (The University of Chicago)Pedro Lopes  (The University of Chicago)本プロジェクトは、シカゴ大学の西田 惇氏、Pedro Lopes氏との共同研究です。 Even computer actuates us before our will, we perceive  “I did it” in some condition. We investigate time window and foundation of the induction of pseudo Sense of Agency withContinue reading “Preemptive Action”


Egocentric visual augmentation by wearable wide projector HeadLight has a fish-eye conversion lens on the projector which enables much wider projection image. However, the conversion lens produces strong distortion in the projected image with pincushion shape. The Headlight system compensates this distortion based on a fisheye model distortion. Therefore, Headlight enables wide angle visual projectionContinue reading “HeadLight”

Radical Bodies

  CREDIT Concept and Direction: Shunichi Kasahara (Sony CSL), Takayuki Ito (YCAM InterLab), Richi Owaki (YCAM InterLab), Keina Konno (YCAM InterLab), Akiko Takeshita (YCAM InterLab), Tsubasa Nishi (YCAM InterLab), Asumi Kitahori (YCAM InterLab) System, Radical Bodies for vvvv: Yuki Hirano (vitte), Minoru Ito (Takram), Shunichi Kasahara (Sony CSL), Richi Owaki (YCAM InterLab), Keina Konno (YCAMContinue reading “Radical Bodies”

Wired Muscle

Jun Nishida / University of Tsukuba, Shunichi Kasahara / Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. Kenji Suzuki / University of Tsukuba Instantaneously generating one’s own body movements in response to the movements of others, such as establishing defensive postures in sports and learning kick-out timing from therapists in gait rehabilitation, is an essential aspect of interpersonalContinue reading “Wired Muscle”

Malleable Embodiment

Sense of Embodiment in Virtual Reality, Spatial-Temporal Modulation of Human Body Expressions Utilizing computer technology, Sony CSL researcher Shunichi Kasahara is building a research and engineering framework called “Superception” (super+perception) with the intention of transforming and expanding human perception and recognition. To showcase Superception, Kasahara has been working together with YCAM (Yamaguchi Center for ArtsContinue reading “Malleable Embodiment”

360 Production in Patagonia

NHKスペシャル「神の領域を走る:パタゴニア極限レース141km」を紹介する特設サイトに順次公開されている360度動画の撮影にJackIn Headを提供、技術協力しました。番組制作のための改良、現地での撮影技術支援をしました。Webサイト内でIntroduction映像で紹介されています。 番組放送予定:10月2日(日)21:00~(NHK総合)

JackIn Head

JackIn Head : Immersive Visual Telepresence System with Omnidirectional Wearable Camera Shunichi Kasahara,  Shohei Nagai (-2015.3) Jun Rekimoto, SonyCSL, Tokyo University. JackIn Head is a joint project with the Rekimoto Lab at the Tokyo University. (Link: *1) The Jack-In Head project was originally called “LiveSphere” JackIn Head is a visual telepresence system featuring an omnidirectional wearableContinue reading “JackIn Head”