JackIn Eye

JackIn Eye: Integrating First-Person View with Out-of-Body Vision Generation for Human-Human Augmentation Shunichi Kasahara and Jun Rekimoto / SonyCSL, Tokyo Univ. 2014 JackIn Eye is a new human-human communication framework for connecting two or more people. With first-person view video streaming from a person (called Body) wearing a transparent head-mounted display and a head-mounted camera, the […]

Smarter Objects

Smarter Objects: Using AR technology to Program Physical Objects and their Interactions Valentin Heun, Shunichi Kasahara, Pattie Maes / MIT media lab 2013   The Smarter Objects system explores a new method for interaction with everyday objects. The system associates a virtual object with every physical object to support an easy means of modifying the […]


exTouch: spatially-aware embodied manipulation of actuated objects mediated by augmented reality Shunichi Kasahara, Ryuma Niiyama, Valentin Heun and Hiroshi Ishii / MIT media lab 2012 exTouch is a novel embodied spatially-aware interface system to manipulate actuated objects mediated by augmented reality. The “exTouch” system extends the users touchscreen interactions into the real world by enabling […]

Second Surface

Second surface: multi-user spatial collaboration system based on augmented reality Shunichi Kasahara, Valentin Heun, Austin S. Lee and Hiroshi Ishii / MIT media lab 2012 An environment for creative collaboration is significant for enhancing human communication and expressive activities. We introduce Second Surface, a novel multi-user Augmented reality system that fosters a real-time interaction for […]