JackIn Head

JackIn Head : Immersive Visual Telepresence System with Omnidirectional Wearable Camera Shunichi Kasahara,  Shohei Nagai (-2015.3) Jun Rekimoto, SonyCSL, Tokyo University. JackIn Head is a joint project with the Rekimoto Lab at the Tokyo University. (Link:https://lab.rekimoto.org/projects/livesphere/) *1) The Jack-In Head project was originally called “LiveSphere” JackIn Head is a visual telepresence system featuring an omnidirectional wearableContinue reading “JackIn Head”

JackIn Eye

JackIn Eye: Integrating First-Person View with Out-of-Body Vision Generation for Human-Human Augmentation Shunichi Kasahara and Jun Rekimoto / SonyCSL, Tokyo Univ. 2014 JackIn Eye is a new human-human communication framework for connecting two or more people. With first-person view video streaming from a person (called Body) wearing a transparent head-mounted display and a head-mounted camera, theContinue reading “JackIn Eye”

Smarter Objects

Smarter Objects: Using AR technology to Program Physical Objects and their Interactions Valentin Heun, Shunichi Kasahara, Pattie Maes / MIT media lab 2013   The Smarter Objects system explores a new method for interaction with everyday objects. The system associates a virtual object with every physical object to support an easy means of modifying theContinue reading “Smarter Objects”


exTouch: spatially-aware embodied manipulation of actuated objects mediated by augmented reality Shunichi Kasahara, Ryuma Niiyama, Valentin Heun and Hiroshi Ishii / MIT media lab 2012 exTouch is a novel embodied spatially-aware interface system to manipulate actuated objects mediated by augmented reality. The “exTouch” system extends the users touchscreen interactions into the real world by enablingContinue reading “exTouch”

Second Surface

Second surface: multi-user spatial collaboration system based on augmented reality Shunichi Kasahara, Valentin Heun, Austin S. Lee and Hiroshi Ishii / MIT media lab 2012 An environment for creative collaboration is significant for enhancing human communication and expressive activities. We introduce Second Surface, a novel multi-user Augmented reality system that fosters a real-time interaction forContinue reading “Second Surface”