Fragment Shadow

Generating Optical Fragmented Shadows with Multi-Projectors Geometry and Color Calibration

Concept and Research – 
Shunichi Kasahara (SonyCSL)

Visual System – 
Shunichi Kasahara (SonyCSL)
Satoru Higa (Backspace Productions Inc. )
Akihiro Komori (Koozyt, Inc.)

Sound Design – 
Shotaro Hirata

Siggraph 2019 Studio Exhibition
Exhibited at SXSW2019

Fragment shadow enables you to experience changes in bodily sensations through visual changes in your own shadow.

Fragment Shadow Technology

The Fragment Shadow system consists of multiple projectors that project onto the same projection surface. With geometry, color and uniformity calibration, multiple projectors output different physically calculated individual images onto the same surface to display one synthesized image.

When human bodies or objects enter the projection space, the occlusion of one projector reveals images from other projectors. Then Fragment Shadow enables generating various visual expression in the optical shadow, not just like usual black shadow.

Technical Preview Video

Exhibition / Presentation

Fragment Shadow has been exhibited at the SXSW2019 Sony Exhibition. exhibit at Siggraph 2019, Studio installation.

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