Gave a talk at Workshop on Human Cognition and Perception 2021 hosted by Shimojo lab, Caltech.

Session 4:
Date: Wednesday June 2nd (5-7:30 PM PST) / Thursday June 3rd (9-11:30 AM JST)
Session Title: Innovating the future of studying cognition and perception

Title : Superception: the self in human-computer integration

When computers and humans integrate, to what extent are we ourselves? Computers are already no longer tools of humans, but are gaining the ability to make decisions and actions beyond humans. Furthermore, with the phenomenal penetration of tele-conversation, tele-presence, and virtual space, we are already existing through computers. When humans integrate with such computers and acquire abilities and different bodies beyond our original human nature, to what extent will we be ourselves? In this presentation, I would like to explore what the “self” will be like when computers and humans integrate through research projects about changes in body sensation with virtual bodies, driving bodies with computers, and self-face image morphing with facial image synthesis technology.

Dr Shunichi Kasahara is a researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. Kasahara received a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Information Studies from the University of Tokyo in 2017. He joined Sony Corporation in 2008. After being an affiliate researcher at MIT media lab in 2012, he Joined Sony CSL in 2014. He is leading “Superception” research projects: computational extension of human perception and investigation of the self in human-computer integration. He also conducts interactive exhibitions and social implementation as well as academic activities.