The collaboration project with Azumi Maekawa, Hiroto Saito, Narin Okazaki and Masahiko Inami (RCAST, The University of Tokyo) has been accepted to Emerging Technology Siggraph 2021.

Behind the Game: Implicit Spatio-temporal Intervention in Inter-personal Remote Physical Interactions on Playing Air Hockey

This study explores how well-balanced inter-personal games can be achieved between a remote player and a local player using air hockey as a testbed. We proposed an approach that assists remote player actions without compromising the sense of agency by leveraging context-aware computation.


Azumi Maekawa, University of Tokyo
Hiroto Saito, RCAST, The University of Tokyo
Narin Okazaki, University of Tokyo
Shunichi Kasahara, RCAST, The University of Tokyo, Sony Computer Science Laboratories
Masahiko Inami, RCAST, The University of Tokyo