Keynote and Talk Session | Human and Building Augmentation, AIJISA 2019 Tokyo

I gave a keynote presentation at AIJISA (日本建築学会情報シンポ) 2019 Tokyo. Keynote and Talk Session, 人間と建築の拡張 | Human and Building Augmentation, 日本建築学会情報シンポ AIJISA 2019 Tokyo, 2019.12.13, 建築会館, Japan. 【基調講演】人間と建築の拡張 | Human and Building AugmentationSuperception(超知覚)が目指すPerceptual Engineering | Superception for Perceptual Engineering

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Seminar Talk at Center for Neuroprosthetics & Brain Mind Institute,

I gave a seminar talk about Superception and embodiment research at Center for Neuroprosthetics & Brain Mind Institute (Prof Olaf Blanke lab) , 2019.11.28, Campus Biotech, Switzerland. SuperceptionOn 28 November 2019, Prof Shunichi Kasahara, Sony CSL, visited LNCO to give a seminar entitled: “Toward engineering self-perception and self-embodiment”. Prof Kasahara visited LNCO to present his research and…

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